Lovely Ladies Making Gorgeous Goods, Vol 2- According to Alana

This is the second of what I plan to be a series of posts celebrating some of the awesome women I’ve discovered over the interwebs who make and sell amazing clothes, jewellery, and accessories.

This time is the #matchymatchy goddess herself- According to Alana!

I currently have 9 of her beautiful headbands and 1 pair of earrings:

And I will definitely be adding to my collection!
The headbands are so well-made, and despite my fat head (not being self-deprecating, I have a large head!) they are so comfortable.

I find it hard to resist a novelty print, so the moustache was my first purchase:

And being black and white it means I can pretty much wear this with any outfit.
Customer service was, and still is, absolutely superb- Alana always includes a hand-written note with her lovingly-packed parcels.  It is these little touches that keep me coming back- along with the great range of designs and beautifully made products of course!

Alana’s Instagram is a constant source of inspiration, and encouraged me to step up my #matchymatchy game!

The wide range of colours and designs on her site means there is something for everyone- plain block colours, polka dots and ginghams, through to quirky prints (my faves!)

One last thing that I love about Alana is that she is so supportive of other creatives and designers, in fact she introduced me to more than a few new pages to follow!



Work Wear, freedom of expression, and mental health.

So I read something the other day that struck me, and the more I thought about it, the more angry it made me. Apparently, in order to be successful, you should dress like your superiors and others around you in the office.

Well no offence to the people I work with- but FUCK THAT.  What I wear and how I dress in no way negatively impact my work and my ability to be successful.  In fact, being able to wear what I like makes me feel motivated and happy at work, which in turn makes me function much more effectively. 

I’m lucky to currently work in an office where I have the freedom to wear what I like, and express myself with my outfits- and my work speaks for itself. However, I have worked in a job where a uniform was mandatory, and coincidently it was a job that was purely a pay check for me- not a place I felt valued or was passionate about. So in addition to the uniform, I would wear no make-up- I didn’t see the point in ‘wasting it’.  That is something that for me, is an indicator of my mental state- if I can’t be bothered putting make-up on for days or weeks at a time, I’m not in a good place.  For the 3 months or so leading up to my breakdown and subsequent 3-year hiatus from the world of clinical trials I did not wear a scrap of make-up.

Now I am back in a job I love, and in a good place mentally, picking out a fun outfit and quirky accessories is part of my normal daily routine. So while dressing ‘professionally’ may be the way for some people to get ahead, I’ll be over here in my circle skirts, dinosaur pins, and purple sparkly eyeshadow- killing it.