Lovely Ladies Making Gorgeous Goods, Vol 2- According to Alana

This is the second of what I plan to be a series of posts celebrating some of the awesome women I’ve discovered over the interwebs who make and sell amazing clothes, jewellery, and accessories.

This time is the #matchymatchy goddess herself- According to Alana!

I currently have 9 of her beautiful headbands and 1 pair of earrings:

And I will definitely be adding to my collection!
The headbands are so well-made, and despite my fat head (not being self-deprecating, I have a large head!) they are so comfortable.

I find it hard to resist a novelty print, so the moustache was my first purchase:

And being black and white it means I can pretty much wear this with any outfit.
Customer service was, and still is, absolutely superb- Alana always includes a hand-written note with her lovingly-packed parcels.  It is these little touches that keep me coming back- along with the great range of designs and beautifully made products of course!

Alana’s Instagram is a constant source of inspiration, and encouraged me to step up my #matchymatchy game!

The wide range of colours and designs on her site means there is something for everyone- plain block colours, polka dots and ginghams, through to quirky prints (my faves!)

One last thing that I love about Alana is that she is so supportive of other creatives and designers, in fact she introduced me to more than a few new pages to follow!



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